Bengal cats size information

Bengal cats size : With his distinctive spotted coat and large size, the Bengal looks like a wild cat on the prowl, but although one of his ancestors is the small, wild Asian leopard cat, he’s a domestic cat through and through.

Bengals take their name from the Asian leopard cat’s scientific name, Felis bengalensis

How Big Do Bengal Cats Get?

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Bengal cats, a fairly new hybrid of the Asian Leopard Cat and domestic cat breeds, are average to large-sized cats.

A Bengal cats size when full grown can vary depending on which cats were originally part of their family line.

While they may appear larger than they are because of their musculature, they don’t get much bigger than other domestic cats.

Typical Bengal Cats Size

The Bengal cats size, is an average to large-sized, spotted cat breed, normally weighing from 6 to 15 pounds.

Male cats are generally larger than females, with an average size of 10 to 15 pounds, while the average size for a female is 7 to 10 pounds.

Factors Contributing to Bengal Full Grown Sizes and Weights

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The Asian Leopard cat, from which the first generations of Bengals were bred, is a small jungle cat weighing approximately 10 to 15 pounds.

The size of the Asian Leopard cat helped to dictate the Bengal’s final size.

However, how big a Bengal cat can get can depend on which cat was bred with the Asian Leopard cat.

Other breeds that were used in the Bengal breeding program include:

Your Bengal may be made up of a combination of an Asian Leopard cat, and any one – or several – of these other breeds.

Therefore, it is possible that a Bengal with a lot of British Shorthair in his lineage may be larger than average, while a Bengal with a lot of Bombay in his lineage may be smaller.

Given the sizes of the breeds making up the Bengal breed, however, it is unlikely for a Bengal to vary too much out of the 6 to 15 pound range.

Get to Know the Bengal Cat

The Bengal is a beautiful cat with a special temperament and thick, soft coat. If you’re looking for a medium or large cat, this special breed could be just right for you.


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