1. Lykoi cats lack an undercoat which may reduce the possibility of allergens, but are not to be considered “hypoallergenic”.

2. Because the Lykoi cat lacks an undercoat, this makes them an INDOOR only cat.

It has been stated that Lykoi can “acclimate” to cold temps (below freezing) when outdoors.

This is false information! An undercoat is what cats grow in abundance to protect them from the cold.

Without it, they can quickly succumb to hypothermia and die. All cats are subject to hypothermia and frostbite in temperatures under 32 degrees F.

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3. The Lykoi is not related to the Sphynx breed.

4. The Lykoi is not a human created breed. The Lykoi is a result of a natural mutation gene that gives the breed it’s unique appearance.

5. Lykoi cats are social animals and require daily human interaction in order to develop properly, and not develop behavioral disorders .

6. Lykoi cats interact well with other breeds of cats as well as “cat friendly” dogs, given they are well socialized by the breeder from birth.

7. The first intentionally bred Lykoi was born in 2011 as a result of a mating between two different unrelated Lykoi cats.

8. Lykoi cats are extremely inquisitive and intelligent. Very playful and interactive.

9. Lykoi cats DO shed, but not the same as a cat with an undercoat. They “molt” about 2-3 times annually and then regrow their top guard hairs with minimal shedding.

10. Lykoi “wolfcats” are not in any way related to the wolf, even though they may somewhat resemble the wolf or werewolf

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