How can I be a cat breeder ?

How can I be a cat breeder ? What you need to know.

Becoming a cat breeder may be a satisfying challenge however it’s not as straightforward as you’d imagine.

It ought to be an extended and slow method whereas you learn the maximum  amount as you’ll be able to concerning your chosen breed, genetics, and feline management.

 you may not create cash breeding cats. There are several nice rewards, however cash isn’t one amongst them.

In fact, several cat breeder tell ME that you simply have to have terribly deep pockets so as to breed. Breeding cats priceplenty of cash.

Most breeders won’t sell a complete cat to you unless they recognize you well and you’re a registered breeder.

In this section, I had same question on quora forum and here is two best answer


You need to become an expert cat breeder in your chosen breed by going to cat shows. Find out the name of your local cat fancy and attend their shows for a while.

Research the standards that your breed should exhibit.

Register your intention to breed with your local council and establish how your cattery should be built.

You will need planning permission, excess Animals permit, etc.

Make friends and choose a mentor who will let you buy a show quality cat from them to show and gain experience for about a year, learning what a judge expects in that breed.

Register your chosen prefix with the cat fancy and learn their rules and ethics.

Choose an ethical and respected breeder to buy an entire female from and take her back to them once she is at least a year old, for mating with a suitable unrelated stud cat who exhibits physical features she lacks.

She will need to be checked by a vet first and be up to date with her vaccinations.

Get plenty of advice as to what to feed her in pregnancy and how to prepare for the kittens 60+ days later.

Read up suitable books and decide how to care for the kittens as they grow and find good homes for them. You cannot keep them all!!!

Don’t expect to become rich by selling pedigree kittens! This is a hobby, not a business, and you will probably put more money in than you get out.

Good luck! There is some heartbreak ahead, but enjoy and cherish your cats and kittens.


I’d start with going to cat shows, and talking to cat breeders to get ideas of how they did it. I’ve done it myself, and it’s not easy. You also need to decide what kind of cat you want to breed. For example, Persians have very long hair and require lots of daily maintenance. Siamese, have very short hair and don’t need as much grooming. Have a vet or breeder show you how to trim nails, clean ears, eyes, and nostrils. That doesn’t even include the “fun” of expressing impacted anal glands!

You should also be prepared for how expensive it all is. There are so many supplies (cages, etc.), required to purchase, and that doesn’t even include the cost of even one show or breed quality cat to get you started.

So, I hope you get the utile info in this experience.

Now, in the next section we gonna talking about Registered vs backyard breeder.

Registered vs backyard breeder :

A registered breeder is registered with one of the cat councils. These are governing bodies which oversee the registration and breed standards of purebred cats.

 There are usually one or two cat councils per state (in Australia). 

 A registered breeder will have to abide by a code of ethics outlined by their chosen cat council, failure to comply can result in losing your registered prefix.

All breeding cats must be registered with the cat council.

Backyard breeders are not registered, they don’t have anybody to answer to and usually don’t have the necessary knowledge required to become a breeder.

Almost all breeders will sell a kitten with a health guarantee, which covers you for a multitude of medical problems.

One example is a kitten of mine suddenly died.  There was no reason to believe the breeder was at fault, it was a rare form of anemia.

Without hesitation, the breeder replaced the kitten, which put her out of pocket by several hundred dollars. Not many (if any) backyard breeders would do that.

Starting out:

Do your school work before you become a cat stockman. Speak to folks within the cat fancy, analysis the breed, and founded your home.

Showing cats:

The absolute best thanks to begin out is as a cat impresario, you’ll get to satisfy breeders, stewards, and judges, all of whom are ready to advise you on showing, breed standards, and breeding.

This provides you with a chance to search out a mentor, that in my opinion is Associate in Nursing absolute should for a stockman beginning out. A mentor are there to assist you on the method, advise you on all aspects of breeding.

Council regulations:

Contact your native council and learn if they need any restrictions on the amount of cats you’ll be able to keep it up your property.

Some councils have come back down terribly laborious on breeders and obligatory surreal rules concerning numbers of cats that folks will have. 

alternative councils are a lot of lenient if you’re a registered stockman.

Register a prefix:

In order to become a cat stockman, you’ll have to register a prefix (cattery name) with a cat council. All kittens can carry the prefix name.

 as an example a cattery by the name of Holmat Burmese (a created up mish-mash of my children’s names), may name a litter of kittens the following:

Holmat Brown Delight
Holmat liliaceous plant
Below is Associate in Nursing example of a really previous pedigree showing cattery names of generations of cats that created up our pet Siamese cat’s lineage.

Once adopted, most new kitten owners will choose a pet name for the cat as most registered names are a bit of a mouthful.

In-house or separate cattery:

You will need to decide if your cats will be inside or outside, in pens. Do not start out with a large number of cats. It is better to have just one or two queens (entire female cats).

Do cat breeders make a lot of money?

With the cost of most purebreds starting at $1,000 it’s easy to assume that breeding can be quite a lucrative business, but that is not the case. Set up and ongoing costs mount up and many breeders are lucky to break even.

Setup costs: 

  • Breeding cats – The cost of a breeding cat can be in the thousands, especially for less common breeds or when importing, which is often necessary due to small gene pools in certain regions (such as Australia)
  • Stud fees – For the breeder who chooses not to have her own stud (entire male cat), she will have to pay fees for the use of a stud which can be quite high (hundreds, if not thousands)
  • Stud house – Breeders who choose to have their own stud will need to provide separate accommodation for the boy to prevent accidental matings as well as avoid spraying (which is common among studs) inside the house
  • Cat equipment – Food bowls, food, scratching posts, bedding, cattery, nesting boxes

Ongoing costs: 

  • Food
  • Litter 
  • Toys


  • Parasite control – Flea and worming medication for breeding cats and kittens
  • Veterinary care – General care, accidents and emergencies, spaying and neutering kittens, vaccinations, microchipping, emergency c-section
  • Genetic health testing – Some breeds have the potential to carry conditions such as polycystic kidney disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which are genetic, and breeders must test all cats to ensure they are not producing affected offspring
  • Testing for diseases – Along with genetic testing, it is also important to test all breeding cats for transmissible diseases such as feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus
  • Blood typing (to determine the blood group of both the queen and the stud prior to mating)


  • Insurance
  • Website/advertising
  • Registrations – Council, cat registrars (register to become a breeder and fees for every litter registered)
  • Cat show fees
  • Cat show equipment – Show cage, curtains and grooming equipment
  • Time off work – To care for the queen before and after she has given birth or hand raise orphaned kittens

Ongoing responsibilities:

When the queen is pregnant, she will need extra attention, premium quality food, and veterinary check-ups.

Breeding is a 24/7 job. You need to be on hand when the queen is ready to deliver her kittens and step in if there is an emergency. Sometimes things go wrong and the queen can die, which means you will need to hand feed the kittens until they are weaned. This involves bottle feeds every 2-3 hours, around the clock for 6 weeks.

Do you have the time to care for the cats and kittens?

Breeding is time-consuming and involves:

  • Caring for adult cats and kittens (feed, clean litter trays, clean the cattery, play time, love and attention)
  • Keep a watch other the mother to ensure her kittens are cared for
  • Socialising the kittens so they are used to people
  • Regular veterinary visits for health check-ups, vaccinations, desexing


Veterinary care is expensive, emergency c-sections, care for your breeding cats and their litters, medical and genetic testing to ensure that the cats are suitable to breed with. Certain breeds can inherit medical problems, for example, polycystic kidney disease is found in Persian and Exotic cats and all breeding cats must be screened for this.


Do you have somebody to care for your cats when you are sick or go away on holidays?

Finding homes for the kittens:

This can be a bittersweet time. it’s fantastic once you will notice the right charmed home for the kittens you have got brought into the globe. It can even be long and frustrating.

Devoting your weekends to waiting around for individuals to return and see kittens, just for them to not show up.

Are you ready to require back any cats? several cat breeders stipulate that ought to you discover yourself in an exceedingly scenario wherever you’re now not able to keep a purebred cat, to come the cat to them. this manner they will notice an acceptable home for the cat.

It is your responsibility to interview all prospective patrons to confirm the kitten goes to the proper home.

The rewards:

It’s not all dangerous, there are some marvelous rewards to cat breeding. half in} your part in maintaining the quality of your chosen breed.
You will build some marvelous friends within the cat fancy.

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