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Have You Ever Seen A Real Creature That Looked Like A Tiny Real Live Werewolf?

You came to the right place, to get more information about price and how much Lykoi cats cost.

Some cats may be aptly described as having Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde personalities, but most people do not usually describe their feline friends as werewolves.

Well, there is one cat that just might be described this way; the Werewolf cat.

Thankfully, you do not have to worry about your cat howling at a full moon or chasing through the woods all night.

The Lykoi cat sure is unique though, and it is about as rare as the name suggests.

So, what exactly is a Werewolf cat?

And how much cost ?

Let’s find out!

Lykoi Cats


What is Lykoi cats ?. As you know in our planet, we have a lot of species and animals with different race for example in our case we discuss about cats :

as you know we have a lot of cats origins; bengal, persian, exotic , Lykoi cats and munchkin ….

When you initially observed, Lykoi cats,  the photos of this wolf-like feline on the Internet,

I trust we didn’t consider a joke, not to mention get skin issues. Perhaps he simply frightened you? I don’t trust it !!!

Be that as it may, you have not envisioned, don’t stress …

This feline, unique, sound, does exist and it won’t stop at its appearance since he has the way to overcome your heart

what it will do in minutes after you have watched or even contacted it!

In this article, we discuss about Lykoi cats origin,

also called ( Werewolf cat ) and his history of the cat breed.

and Where did it come from ?

Lykoi cat, also called the Werewolf, is a natural mutation from a domestic short-haired.

The mutation has occurred in domestic cats over the last 20 years.

Genetic testing done at UC Davis confirms that the cats do not carry the Sphynx/Devon gene

The Lykoi breed was developed in Vonore, Tennessee. The word lykoi means “wolves” in Greek.

Where do I find one and how much do they cost?

They are still very rare, even though there are breeders around the world right now producing Lykoi kittens, most will go to other breeders, a few will be sold neutered to show homes to help promote the breed. 

A neutered Lykoi kitten can go for $2,500 or more depending on breeder.

Very often we will have non-wolf coated siblings in our F1 litters. While these are potential gene carriers and desired by breeders they might be offered at a lower price  as spayed and neutered pets for those people who wish to have wolf kin.

How Much Do Lykoi Cats And Kittens Cost? Price Analysis And Buying Guide

Lykoi cats for sale guide

So, here’s the big question. How much does a Lykoi kitten cost? Will it break the bank? And where can you find one? Here’s a quick price analysis that will answer your questions:

  • A Lykoi kitten’s starting price is typically around $1,500
  • Lykois can cost up to $2,500
  • There are several breeders who specialize in producing litters with Lykoi kittens. Unfortunately, the waiting list is epic (and the prices aren’t exactly cheap either)

Lykoi cats are the way they are because of their natural genetic mutation. It takes two Lykoi parents to produce a true Lykoi kitten and not all kittens will be healthy.

If by some miracle you manage to get your hands on a Lykoi kitten, make sure you get a reputable vet to examine it as soon as possible.

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  1. I stumbled onto a very new kitten all alone on the side of the road in my home State of Tennessee. The first thing I noticed was how unique she is. She does not behave like a cat more like a dog. She does not meow she trills even her purr is a trill. She has the Lykoi mask and unique paws as well as a very unique coat. She is without a doubt the most living cat Ive ever owned and I am definitely Mom to her. There is a large population of feral cats in my neighborhood which I try to keep an eye on and many have become friendly. I would really like to lnow how I go about verifying her genetic makeup. Although it is pretty obvious she is Lykoi.

  2. I wish I can get one but I’m not so sure on how my cat would think about him.. and me and my mom are moving too and we don’t have much money cause we rent a main street and have cacroches… I also watched 1 of ur videos on YouTube and their my dream cat and I’m obsessed with Wolfs but I can’t get one. Have a nice day

    Wish you well💗


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