In Greek, the word “Lykoi” means that “Wolf.” A Lykoi cats, or “Wolf Cat,” is claimed to correspond a wolf — or, some say, a werewolf.

These cats have long limbs and spherical, golden eyes, however the feature most unusual and “wolf-like” is their hair coat, or ought to we are saying, lack of hair coat. 

thanks to what researchers decision a “naturally occurring genetic mutation” of the domestic short hair (DSH), the Lykoi is tonsured round the mouth, nose, and eyes, 

whereas the remainder of their body is roofed solely in uneven, thin hair with no undercoat.

Even the hair that will grow is at risk of rupture sporadically and growing back. 

generally thick richly, someday thin and thin. typicallykittens can shed their 1st coat fully exploit them nude as Sphyn kittens. there’s NO genetic respect to the tonsured Sphynx. 

additional analysis unconcealed a rare, “naturally occurring mutation,” found solely in domestic shorthair cats. The hair follicles in these cats lack the mandatory elements to grow and sustain hair. 

additionally, hair follicles on some elements of the body are missing fully.

 there’s apparently no sickness method concerned, and breeders report these cats are spirited and healthy.

Behaviorally, Lykoi cats are a bit like several domestic cats: friendly, warm, intelligent, loyal, and sometimes possess a powerful prey drive.

Some have known as it a cat WHO acts sort of a dog.

Breeders round the world are actively manufacturing additional Lykoi cats by breeding cats with this chromosomal mutation with domestic short hairs.

By victimizationsolely black DSH cats, the coat is reportable to appear “more wolf like.” A method known as “outcrossing,” or victimization totally different lines of black cats, ought toguarantee continued health.

 it’s probable within the close to future we’ll look to breeding additional colours because the Lykoi gain acceptance into CFA.

The Lykoi are found naturally in different colours whereas holding the lykoi options of no undercoat and mask marking the actual ” werewolf” look.

The popularity of the Lykoi continues to grow. The International Cat Association has accepted the Lykoi Championship standing beginning in could 2017

Where do I find one and how much do they cost?

They are still very rare, even though there are breeders around the world right now producing Lykoi kittens, most will go to other breeders, a few will be sold neutered to show homes to help promote the breed. 

A neutered Lykoi kitten can go for $2,500 or more depending on breeder.

Very often we will have non-wolf coated siblings in our F1 litters. While these are potential gene carriers and desired by breeders they might be offered at a lower price  as spayed and neutered pets for those people who wish to have wolf kin.

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How Much Do Lykoi Cats And Kittens Cost? Price Analysis And Buying Guide

So, here’s the big question. How much does a Lykoi kitten cost? Will it break the bank? And where can you find one? Here’s a quick price analysis that will answer your questions:

  • A Lykoi kitten’s starting price is typically around $1,500
  • Lykois can cost up to $2,500
  • There are several breeders who specialize in producing litters with Lykoi kittens. Unfortunately, the waiting list is epic (and the prices aren’t exactly cheap either)

Lykoi cats are the way they are because of their natural genetic mutation. It takes two Lykoi parents to produce a true Lykoi kitten and not all kittens will be healthy.

If by some miracle you manage to get your hands on a Lykoi kitten, make sure you get a reputable vet to examine it as soon as possible.

How do I care for them and what do they eat.

Like Sphynx, I feed my Lykoi raw food. Coming from the feral population we believe the Lykoi to have a healthy foundation with few health issues. Also like our Sphynx, Lykoi are house pets only

Do you ship

Of course! Within reason I will make arrangements to met you if we are within driving distance. But I will ship by pet safe airlines.

Health Concerns

No kitty out there’s illness proof, irrespective of however well it’s being taken of. and a few breeds are a lot of liable to developing variety of problematic health conditions than others.

Lykois are better-known to be liable to littered with some skin issues.

They can simply get sunburns from the shortage of thick coat associated an undercoat.

Moreover, their partly glabrous fur coats really speed up the oil accumulation method on their nails and within their ears. Thus, they ought to be unbroken clean and monitored in the least times.

What’s a lot of, Lykois will get brush burns if you’re not exploitation correct grooming tools that are appropriate for his or her distinctive fur.

Plus, most Lykois shed mostthat they become nearly bald, particularly throughout the summer.

In alternative words, these lycanthrope cats must be protected against the sun, the cold, the skin oils, the incorrect grooming tools… essentially from everything!

Fortunately, there aren’t any better-known serious health diseases that have an effect on Lykois quite alternative breeds. still, that doesn’t mean they’re very little werewolf-like furred toys.

Splashing alittle fortune on one simply because they give the impression of being cute suggests that you’ll must cater to its each want and to indicate the identical quantity of devotion and responsibility as the other feline furball out there deserves.

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