Munchkin cats for sale guide

Welcome To Our ultimate Guide Munchkin cats for sale. You came to the right place, to get more information about price and how much Munchkin cats cost. Some cats may be aptly described as having Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde personalities, but most people do not usually describe their feline friends as werewolves. Well, there is one cat that just might be described this way; the cute cat. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about your cat howling at a full moon or chasing through the woods all night. The Munchkin cat sure is unique though, and it is about as rare as the name suggests. So, what exactly is a Werewolf cat? And how much cost ? Let’s find out! Munchkin cats for sale guide

Munchkin Cat Breed Description

There have been many short-legged cats throughout history, with records showing their existence in the 1930s. In the 1940s, Dr. H.E. Williams-Jones, a British veterinarian, documented and noted 4 generations (and possibly more) of cats with very short legs. Many cats of the breed were wiped out during WWII but reports of similar cats persisted throughout the decades all over the world including Stalingrad, New England, and Louisiana. It was not until 1983 that Sandra Hockenedel found a stray cat named Blackberry with the signature short legs that seemed to only exist in tales. Blackberry was pregnant at the time and went on to be the mother of the Munchkin cat breed as we know it today. Sandra Hockenedel gave Toulouse, one of the male kittens in Blackberry’s litter, to her friend Kay LaFrance and from there the two bred their short-legged feline friends with other domestic cats to advance the breed’s gene pool. munchkin catss Size: Small to medium in size, Munchkins can range in weight from 4 – 9 pounds. Characteristics: While Munchkins are on the smaller side, it is only their short legs that look different from their full-sized feline counterparts. Though their legs are short their body is long and normal in size. They can have either long or short hair, it tends to be thick and dense, and their color and pattern can vary dramatically because all colors and patterns are accepted. As the gene pool continues to grow through outcrossing to keep the gene pool diverse, more and more looks may be introduced for the Munchkin. Shorthair Munchkins tend to have coarse coats and longhair Munchkins tend to have very silky coats.

How Much Do Munchkin Cats And Kittens Cost? Price Analysis And Buying Guide

So, here’s the big question. How much does a Munchkin kitten cost? Will it break the bank? And where can you find one? Here’s a quick price analysis that will answer your questions:
  • A Munchkin kitten’s starting price is typically around $400
  • Munchkin can cost up to $2,000
  • There are several breeders who specialize in producing litters with Munchkin kittens. Unfortunately, the waiting list is epic (and the prices aren’t exactly cheap either)
Munchkin cats are the way they are because of their natural genetic mutation. If by some miracle you manage to get your hands on a Munchkin kitten, make sure you get a reputable vet to examine it as soon as possible.
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