Hypoallergenic Cats breeds that won’t make you Sneeze !!

It can be a huge problem if you’re allergic to cats, a lot off people suffring with this problem ” Hypoallergenic Cats “,  yet love the small creatures more than anything in the world.

You may have a running nose, watery eyes or you might be sneezing 24/7, you would still hug felines the moment you see them.

Unfortunately, your allergies always come in between the love you have for cats.

However, you don’t have to fret anymore, because these allergies would not stop you from keeping cats as pets.

Hypoallergenic cats are prone to shed less fur from their body and have less dander leading to lesser chances of cat allergies.

Not only that, several types of research also reveal that allergies can be caused by cat saliva called the Fel D1.

Hypoallergenic cats can be easily kept as household pets for both big families as well as individuals.

Some of the most popular hypoallergenic cats breeds include Bengal, Balinese, and Russian Blue. These are just to name a few.

If you’re dying to have a feline pet, but are allergic to them, this list of 12 hypoallergenic cats would be of great use to you!

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Now you can start with the famous bengal hypoallergenic cats.

1. Bengal Cats

bengal cats and kitte

The Bengal cats have unique fur coats that require less maintenance as compared to other cats.

These cats shed less fur and hair around them. Unlike other cats, this breed does not indulge in grooming itself.

Thus, their fur contains less saliva. Although Bengal cats aren’t hairless, they shed a lot less fur, and the dander does not spread in the surroundings.

Thus, you can easily keep these striped animals as your pet, without having to worry about sneezing all the time.

Now we can talk about the famous Oriental Shorthair hypoallergenic cats.

2. Oriental Shorthair Cats

Oriental Shorthair cats

Oriental Shorthair cats, as the names suggest, are the feline breeds that have a fur coat which is very thin and near to non-existent.

Thus, these cats are reported to have mild or zero reactions to people allergic to cats.

The cat comes in more than 300 colors and patterns.

However, to prevent dander, most vets suggest taking the cat for consistent grooming sessions.

This way you can protect yourself from allergies and also have the pleasure of keeping a life long companion.

Now we can talk about the famous siberian hypoallergenic cats in the next section.

3. Siberian Cats

Siberian hypoallergenic Cats

The myth that for protection against cat allergies, one can only have a hairless or less hairy cat is well only a myth now.

Siberian cats are famous for their exotic long fur throughout the world.

The Siberian cats produce a lesser amount of Fel D1 – the protein produced from a cat’s saliva which is one of the major reasons behind allergies.

Thus, it has experimented that people with cat allergies have few or no symptoms when near Siberian cats.

So if you’re a fan of furry cats, Siberian cats can be your first choice from this list of hypoallergenic cats.

Now we can talk about the famous sphynx hypoallergenic cats in the next section…

4. Sphynx Cats

Sphynx hypoallergenic cats

These cats are the first creatures that come in one’s mind when the word hypoallergenic comes up.

These cats are completely hairless, eradicating all breathing or sneezing problems for you.

However, the breed requires special care and attention. Moreover, the saliva of Sphynx cats does not get trapped in their fur, further reducing any other chances of allergies.

So, if you’re someone who does not have a thing for fur, yet love cats – Sphynx cats are the purrfect pet for you!

The next section Now we can talk about the famous Cornish Rex hypoallergenic cats….

5. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex hypoallergenic

The fur on a cat’s body is divided into three categories.

They have guard hair on the top, the middle hair are called awn and the bottom hair are called the down hair.

The thing with the breed Cornish Rex is that they just have down hair. Thus, it makes the breed lesser hairy and furry as compared to other feline breeds.

Despite of that, the cats are extremely soft and shed less.

So you can now hug these cats and keep them close to you without having the fear of getting allergic reactions.

The next section Now we can talk about the famous Russian Blue hypoallergenic cats….

6. Russian Blue

hypoallergenic cats.

Here comes another breed of cats that have a good amount of fur on their body, yet lie in the category of hypoallergenic cats.

Even though Russian Blue have furry bodies, they have been tested as less prone to spreading allergies.

The major reason behind this is that they secrete less FEL D1.

This breed of cats is usually recommended to those people who suffer from cat allergies, yet love them immensely.

7. Balinese Cats


Also known as a long-haired Siamese, the Balinese breed of cats have long hair.

These cats are regarded as the most beautiful breed of cats, but they come with a poker face.

These cats have extremely soft fur which is hypoallergenic too.

Like the Russian Blue and Siberian cats, these too have a lesser level of vitamin FEL D1 in their saliva.

Thus, people suffering from cat allergies can easily be around Balinese cats. You can even cuddle with them!

8. Burmese Cats


These cats are not just different than the rest of the lot in size, but also in habits.

These cats are small and more dog-like.

Unlike other cats that want humans pampering them, Burmese cats very easily get attached to their owners.

Not only that, but the breed also makes it a point to show this to their humans by following them around and giving them attention.

Along with these unique habits, these creatures are hypoallergenic cat because of their shorter hair coat that tends to shed less.

These cute cats easily bond up with family members and are well-known for their loquaciousness.

9. Javanese Cats

hypoallergenic cats

Javanese Cats too have a lesser hair coat.

However, unlike Cornish Rex, these cats have more guard hair than bottom hair.

These cats too shed less, thus comfortable and safe for an allergic to own.

Apart from being hypoallergenic, the breed is immensely friendly and would follow its human around everywhere.

These cats survive for long periods of time and can even qualify to be your life partner!

The next section Now we can talk about the famous Laperm hypoallergenic cats….

10. Laperm hypoallergenic Cats

hypoallergenic cats

The uniqueness of this breed lies in their fur only.

The LaPerm have curly hair coats which prevent dander from spreading in the surroundings.

It is also said that the fur of these cats are responsible for reducing the allergic reactions that many people suffering from cat allergies have.

Their fur is fuzzy resembling to the fur coat of a poodle.

But, you can definitely get a LaPerm as your pet – they are as exclusive as they sound to be!

11. Devon Rex

hypoallergenic cats

The Devon Rex comes from the same family as Cornish Rex. The breed is often claimed to resemble pixies.

Just like the pixies these cats too are very mischievous and playful. However, they are extremely easy to be around because of their hypoallergenic cat traits.

Since they have short hair, the cats shed less. This along with several other reasons makes the Devon Rex one of those breed of cats that can be easily kept in a household.

However, they require proper and timely care!

12. Ocicat

hypoallergenic cats

If you hate vacuuming pet hair, Ocicat is the perfect pet for you. Distantly related to Siamese cats, the Ocicat has a thinner fur coat.

The lesser amount of hair on their body leads to reduced shedding. Reduced shedding ultimately helps those with Hypoallergenic Cat.

These cats are said to have amazing patterns on their bodies which is another desirable element apart from them being hypoallergenic.

If you’re not big on cat fur, these feline are fine pets for you!

Cats, undoubtedly are the cutest and most lovable creature on Earth.

However, as much as they look harmless, they can bring a few dangers into your life.

The biggest of all are cat allergies.

However, with our list of these 12 hypoallergenic cats,

you can easily skip the part of sneezing and taking tablets and jump straight to cuddling with them.

These cats would be no hindrance in letting you become the cat lady your friends call you.

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