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Toyger Cat:

Compared to a miniature version of the tiger because of its vertical stripes, the Toyger also has all the elegance and power of the big cat.

He is also very sweet, affectionate and intelligent. Perfect for families.

All regarding the Toyger cat breed

The Toyger breed is that the whole package, with each handsome beauty associate degreed an caring temperament.

whereas they bear quite a small similitude to their distant ascendent, the Bengal, these cats don’t seem to be as ‘in your face’ their cousins, and breeders house owners alike sing the praises of their light natures.

As Gill Heaton, chairman of Toyger Cat Club, explains, Toygers fully love their humans: “They love you; they attach to you wish a limpet and don’t let go! Once you own one, they own you, and where you’re, they’re too. They’re superb cats.”

The Toyger could be a very smart, active breed however conjointly considerably a lap cat, WHO needs nothing quite a cuddle — refusing to try and do therefore typically finally ends up with him shouting at you till you provide in!

Unlike their geographic region cousins, may be terribly feisty and love attention, Toygers tend to cause mischief on the knavish.

Gill says they’re continually obtaining her alternative cats, particularly her kittens, into hassle before walking away.

She adds: “They’re endearing and then light and sweet; they’re excellent with youngsters and alternative pets.

I’ve homed kittens to families with huge dogs, and among hours they’re lying next to every alternative. Toygers have a awfully calming impact.

“They are correct ‘lappers’,” says Gill. “From regarding six weeks recent, once they get uninterested in enjoying, they’ll come back and flop onto your lap.”

Toygers like to play games with their house owners and can blithely play fetch for hours on finish.

They particularly like to practise their pouncing skills on feathers.

Most cats love a cardboard box, however Gill says Toygers notably love having their own very little cardboard forts.

She laughs: “You should buy them a fashionable toy and they’ll go bats for the box!”

Toyger cat breed look

Toygers are instantly recognisable by their beautiful coat patterns. Their coats are dense and luxuriously soft, with a modified mackerel tabby pattern with branching and interweaving stripes.

Brown mackerel tabby is currently the only recognised colour, giving these cats a black and gold striped look, much like a miniature tiger.

The Toyger has a sleek, muscular body with a long, thick tail, which is carried low as well as small, rounded ears, and small to medium eyes, which are normally yellow or green.

Toyger characteristic

The first detail that catches the attention of the Toyger is this dress inspired by the tiger.

The standard only allows the brown mackerel tabby. The color of the dress should be as contrasted as possible in relation to the markings which must be very dark.

The hairs are short, soft, but thick.

This breed has an athletic and muscular body. All the strength is found at the level of the shoulders and forehand, so that when he walks, this cat also looks like the tiger.

Medium in size, the head is wide and long. The nose is long and the rounded eyes are accentuated in color. The ears for their part are round and small.

History of the Toyger breed


The Toyger is a recent breed that appeared in the United States in 1980 under the leadership of Judy Sugden, breeder and daughter of Bengal cat Joan Mill.

She wanted to have cats that look like tiger with markings. She started crossbreeding between Bengal and the gutter cats that she specially brought from India.

Holding no wild blood, this cat is purely domestic. The breed is still evolving, but since 2007, it can compete in the championships. Note that the Toyger also remains a very rare breed.

It was not until 2016 that she received recognition as a new breed in the French LOOF.

Necessary living conditions and Toyger behavior

Nothing gives him more pleasure than human companionship. Endowed with an unparalleled sociability and an extroverted strand, the Toyger develops certain characters of Bengal.

He is not at all shy about strangers or other animals. He loves the presence of his masters and remains very attached to them.

The Toyger is also endowed with great intelligence and affection to spare. It is rather easy to tame and educate.

He likes to perform acrobatics and all kinds of antics. He also enjoys walks that will preferably be with a leash to prevent it from moving too far. This cat can perfectly evolve in apartment provided to give him the opportunity to spend.

Food and main health problems Toyger

As this is a recent breed, the health concerns and frequent diseases affecting this animal are still difficult to determine.

However, during breeding periods, it has been revealed that certain genetic pathologies can appear in particular viral and cardiac diseases which are at the origin of respiratory disorders.

For his health, it is necessary to provide a diet adapted to the physical exercises that he practices,

his health and his age. High protein meals are particularly recommended.

Cereals should be avoided and it is advisable to opt for quality croquettes associated with moist food such as terrines or pâtés.

Want a Toyger kitten?

Healthy kittens should be playful and inquisitive, and come to investigate when you visit.

Look for kittens with bright, clear eyes, and clean ears and bottoms. Make sure their mother, and possibly father, is present.

As there are only five registered Toyger breeders in the UK, you may need to wait a while for a kitten.

You can find a list of reputable breeders on the Toyger Cat Club website at

Is the Toyger the cat breed for you?

As they are less demanding than their Bengal ancestors, Gill says Toygers will suit most households, and are even happy to be homed with full-time workers — as long as you’re willing to put in plenty of time to play with them once you get home.

Toygers are active cats but will live happily as indoor cats, given adequate space and mental stimulation. They enjoy going outdoors too, but secure outdoor housing or garden enclosure systems are recommended to keep your Toyger safe. They get on well with children, other cats, and cat-friendly dogs, making them ideal family pets.

However, they do like company, so may not be happy as single cats, if left alone for long periods.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every cat is an individual.

Price of a Toyger cat or kitten

Male Toyger Price: € 1,500
Female Toyger Prize: € 1,450

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