What should one know before getting a bengal cat?

Question : What should one know before getting a bengal cat?

What should one know before getting a bengal cat?
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That they are very active, talkative (most at least),

and get attached to whoever is around them inconcluding other cats.

I was told with my first Bengal not to have him around other animals during the first 4–6 weeks.

Of cours, I had people that wanted to come see him and he actually rode everywhere with me,

but he was never around other people much during the first month or so.

So, I now have a second Bengal who I did not use that approach with and he is attached to my other cat.

I’ve had Ronald Randy Reagan “Ronnie” for 11 years, Bear Bryant Bennett “Ben” turned 4 about a month ago.

Bengals are amazing, curious, but also very loyal and loving.

sincerely, I had a pretty bad car accident several years ago and had a long hospital stay.

They allowed my parents to bring him up there because he was getting very depressed and acting out.

When I got home he didn’t/wouldn’t leave my side.

My parents had to move his litter box and food on a table near the bed!

Ben, the younger one is totally different from Ronnie.

He doesn’t talk, he will not lay with me like Ronnie, and he also doesn’t come when called or follow any basic instructions 🙂

I have read the post about others saying “never use a water bottle.”

I can only say that I trained Ronnie with a clicker and water bottle.

He has a bad habit of jumping on cabinets, computer desk, or TV unit.

He will then want my attention and if he doesn’t get it, he starts knocking items off, one by one.

When he started the bahvior I was told by a vet to try the water bottle. It worked great.

sincerely I do not yell at him, spank him, or punish him by any other means.

I used it a few weeks and have maybe used it once or twice in 11 years.

It makes him jump down, but otherwise he just gives me a bad look and starts licking the water off.

So,I have two males that were neutered as soon as possible.

I’ve never had issues with spraying or peeing outside the litter box.

They do need a lot of exercise. I had a large covered enclosure built.

They can go straight from my sunroom to the enclosure through a “cat door.”

They also have an 8 ft tree house inside to climb, twirl,

and show off on.

Looking back at the question, I might not have answered it correctly. So,

I suggest you think about the time you will spend with it, RESEARCH the breeder, ask for client references, etc

Once you have it, keep it with you, which is not a problem, it will follow you around.

They do love the feather stick toys.

I took Ronnie around with me, he loves riding in the car, going to visit others and he loves all animals. Even larger dogs.

Ben is very shy and hides when people come over.

So socializing them is never a bad idea.

They are smart and act more like dogs. If hungry they go to pantry and scratch.

If sleepy they will cry until given their blankets, if they want attention and you are reading or on phone they will just slap it out of your hand 🙂

But it’s all worth it when they give you huge Headbutts to say “thanks!” Or wake you up by gently tapping your face!

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