White Persian Cats information

White Persian Cats !!! Your white Felis catus resembles a living work of feline art. His long, immaculate coat appears like fine silk, and his spherical face options massive, communicative eyes.

It goes while not speech communication that he’s an enclosed cat; such AN exquisite creature cannot sleep in the cruel, outside world.


white persian cat

White Persian cats are available 2 basic sorts. There’s the standard Persian, conjointly called the doll face, and therefore the Pekingese Persian, World Health Organization has been bred for a flatter-looking face.

because the name implies, the doll face Persian ought to be sweet-looking, or, because the Cat Fanciers’ Association describes it, with AN “open, pansy-like face.” underneath all that hair may be a short-legged, well-boned feline. each sorts have spherical faces, little ears and a plumy tail.


In addition to their beauty, Persians are classic lap cats. As a rule they’re well-behaved, pleasant felines World Health Organization like nothing higher than hanging out and being with their folks.

He’s an honest companion World Health Organization doesn’t cause bother. Persians typically get together with different cats and well-behaved canines, additionally like light and well-behaved youngsters. though they’re not the foremost active cats, they are doing like many attention and admiration.


white persian cat 2

If you’ve got a house cat in your life, you recognize grooming’s a part of the deal. That long, white coat needs daily comb, or you’ll have a tangled, matted white mess of a cat in no time.

Your white treasure conjointly needs regular bathing to stay him pristine. you may wish to clip the hair around his body part to avoid any brown markings.

Persian cats typically learn the intricacies of grooming and bathing as kittens, therefore it’s wont to them.

However, it most likely wouldn’t hurt to take a position during a wardrobe and wardrobe and residential decoration that are preponderantly white.


If you buy a show-quality white Persian kitten, you’ll be able to show him within the breed organization’s solid color division.

though different solid-colored Persians should have copper-colored eyes, the eyes of white show Persians is also copper, blue, or one eye of every shade.

If your white Persian has any markings or shadings, he isn’t show quality. You’ll pay a lot of for a Persian kitten that’s show quality instead of pet quality.


Although each forms of Persian would possibly exhibit respiration issues, it’s a lot of common within the flat-faced cats.

Persian are sensitive to heat, therefore AN cool living space is vital for them once the months flip hot.

Your Persian could be liable to uropathy, typically showing in late time of life. Avoid alimentation him. due to their thickset frames, Persians gain weight simply, however fleshiness stresses the joints, heart and lungs.

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