Why Do Cats Meow ?

Introduction : Why Do Cats Meow ?

Why Do Cats Meow _

Why do cats meow ?. If you have a cat as a pet, daily conversations with it are a given.

You may be talking about a breakup, a work promotion or something extremely pensive.

You would get one standard reply from the creature sitting in front of you; Meow.

However, apart from these regular heart-to-heart talks, there can be other instances where your cat can aggravate you with its excessive meowing.

While it’s a little wearisome listening to these meows, there can be a valid reason behind them that your cat is trying to communicate to you.

Arden Moore, the author of ‘The Cat Behavior Answer Book,’ writes in her book, “Cats are capable of making at least 30 sounds, including at least 19 variations on a simple meow.”

So all your cat’s meows, yowls, purrs, and chirps have a meaning behind them.

A message that your feline animal wants to tell you, other than the obvious.

Thus to help you understand and decode these secret messages, listed below are some of the common reasons why your cat might be meowing so much.

These may help bring the meows down by a notch and assist you to meet all the needs of the queen of your house. So, why do cats meow?

1. It’s sick

cats meowing

Your cat can be excessively meowing because it might be telling you that it’s sick or in pain.

Several illnesses can give a kitty excruciating pain along with hunger, thirst, anxiety, and agitation.

The reason for the illness might be anything, but acknowledging these meows is the first step of precaution that you should take for your cats.

The first and foremost thing you should do is to immediately make a visit to the veterinarian with your feline and get them checked thoroughly.

If it’s not some sickness, it might be one of the other reasons listed below.


Ever experienced your cat meowing on the top of its lungs? It usually happens when you’re in some corner of the house running some errands, and then you hear these desperate meows.

You come running and what you see is your cat sitting on the kitchen counter, licking its lips and giving you a look.

This is the trick used by cunning cats who know meowing in the kitchen would get them food from their human slave.

However, these weird creatures can have a bowl of food an hour back and still make you get out of bed an hour later.

Just for their food. Make sure you give a variety of dishes for your pet. Surprise them with canned or wet food someday.

However, make sure they eat in the right intervals to avoid over-eating.

3. In the mood for some love (not from you though)

If your cat is not neutered or spayed, then these meows are highly probable to be yearnings for a lover.

Female cats can be very vocal when they’re in heat. They meow loudly and repeatedly to attract or ‘call out’ to male cats.

To respond back to the needs of these cats, male cats often meow back acknowledging their cries or just letting them know that they are there.

You might think that your cuddles and hugs are sufficient for the love your cats need, but this is the biological love they need.

To prevent these meows, either get your cat spayed or mated.

4. “Give me attention!”

It is widely believed that cats are animals that like their destituteness and aloofness. However, that’s not always true.

Cats love to spend time with their humans. They love the social contact between their owners and themselves.

If your cat is meowing incessantly, it may be lonely and needs attention.

These cats meow because they want you to play with them, talk to them or just pet them.

The more time you spend with your feline, the happier and healthier it is.

However, if you can’t give it that much time, make sure you bring things that keep them company like stuff toys it can play with, a window perch for its gossip fix or probably make time out for it!

5. Stress

Cats are very sensitive to even the smallest change in their routines, which ultimately leads to excessive meowing.

According to WebMD, The stress can be either due to a new house, noise because of construction nearby or loud music, the absence of a family member, a newborn or something just as simple as missing a human.

Unlike popular belief, cats are very sensitive species and can suffer from anxiety or discomfort very easily.

If you think your cat is meowing because of this reason, try giving them some extra attention by petting them frequently.

This would help calm them down.

6. Old age – Feline Dementia

Like humans, cats can suffer from weak memory and confusion in old age as well.

It is also known as Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) in medical terms.

The cat gets confused and disoriented which leads to them meowing melancholically.

Their meows are so painful that you would feel the state they are in as well.

This usually happens at night, called night calling. This may also occur if your cat is suffering from hearing problems.

To reduce the feline’s pain, take it to a doctor frequently.

You can also keep the lights on at night and stay close to it.

7. Asking for an invitation

Cats are curious creatures. They want to know everything and be everywhere.

Thus, one of the reasons behind these meows can be your cat asking you to let her in. Most of the time this happens when you’re in the washroom.

You would hear your pet meow non-stop. It’s just curious about what you’re doing inside, in spite of the obvious.

8. “Greetings!”

Sometimes, a cat meow is just your cat greeting you. It is quite common for cats to greet their humans with a meow upon seeing them come home.

Alternatively, just calling out to the humans, meowing that it missed you. Most people believe that meowing is cats greeting other cats when they are just communicating with their humans.

9. It’s pissed off

You might have heard your cat meow in a sinister and angry way. This is your feline’s way of telling you that it is angry. This may happen because of the presence of another cat in your pet’s territory. When angry, cats usually get into a screaming match. It increases if they’re threatened to be attacked.

10. Some cats are talkative than others!

Cat breeds like Siamese, Oriental, Siberian, Singapura, and Tonkinese are more talkative than other breeds.

The little chatterboxes they are, these cats are extremely responsive and are born attention seekers.

You can’t really stop their meowing, because it comes with the package.


Apart from birds, cats are the domestic animals that have the widest range of vocalization.

Yet, as a cat parent, there are times when you’re clueless as to why your feline is meowing.

It might be talking to itself or asking you to change the channel. Moreover, because of its diverse range of vocalization, the meows may sound different every time.

This is one of the most confusing and frustrating moments for a cat parent. You don’t want them to meow, because it worries you.

Don’t worry. Just pay a little more attention to your pet when it meows and the circumstances when it does.

It would help you grasp the reasons behind these meows. Once you understand what your cat is trying to say, you would be able to easily predict its moods, needs, and intentions and be fully-equipped to help meet its needs.

Most of all, this communication would strengthen your relationship with your pet. You both might even be able to have a friendly cat chat or a heart to heart conversation whenever in the mood for it!

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