All About Shirazi cat

The Shirazi cat

The Shirazi cat is one of the most beautiful cats of all kinds. It is also one of the oldest pure breeds.

You can find Shirazi cats in many different colors and shapes. It has extremely long fur and round beautiful eyes.

The Shirazi cat is well known to be neat and clean, but its long fur makes it a bit difficult to bathe itself, which makes it need an owner to continuously bathe it and carefully dry it afterwards.

The Shirazi cat needs a lot of love and affection, as it is considered to be a house cat rather than a street cat. Shirazi cats love being around people and most of all they love people’s attention.

The best thing about this breed is its love for human beings unlike many other cat breeds, there is also something classy about the Shirazi, it is also known for its warm and peaceful personality.

shirazi cat

Different types of Shirazi cats

There are many different types and characteristics for the Shirazi breed.

You have the blue point Shirazi and it is one of the most popular of all Shirazi cats, it is a very beautiful type with big round eyes.

Then you have a white Shirazi and a black Shirazi, the two beautiful yet antithetical types.

You also have the Shirazi chinchilla which is very similar to the white Shirazi, as they both share the same fur color; white.

But if you put a white Shiraz and a Shirazi chinchilla side by side you will notice the difference between them, the chinchilla has noticeable different characteristics from the white Shirazi that make it special, mainly the color of the coats is what differs them, as the chinchilla is tipped with black that gives it’s coat a silver shine.

Another beautiful type of the Shirazi cats is the Shiraz calico which consists mainly of the colors red, white and black, all combined together in different ways from cat to cat.

Next you have the tortoiseshell Shiraz, this cat is one of the large types of Shirazi, it has an amazing eye color of brilliant copper, and its fur is mainly a mix of different colors including several shades of red.

How to feed a Shirazi cat?

Like any other cat breed, the Shirazi cat loves to eat fresh meat. But do not be fooled by its liking, too much of anything is no good for a cat. The best way to prepare meals for any animal is to have a well organized schedule.

The Shirazi cat specifically needs a good diet for personal health reasons, the Shirazi are slightly more sensitive to food than any other type of cat, so be careful what you feed it.

The best way to feed a Shirazi is to follow a few simple rules: first you have to make sure the meal you prepared isn’t too cold, or too hot, it’s best to keep it at room temperature, second and more importantly do not feed your shirazi or any other cat as a matter of fact any sharp or small bones, as it is very harmful to their thin and sensitive intestines, not to mention it may cause choking and stomach piercing. Third you must make sure water is available at all times, do not substitute milk or anything else for water, milk shouldn’t be given to the cat continuously, only after a meal if at all.

Shirazi cat personalities

The Shirazi cat is probably the friendliest cat of all kinds. It is very lovable, affectionate, and easy going.

They also need a lot of attention from their owners, if they do not get enough they will be unhappy.

Shirazi cats also adapt very quickly in a family, and sometimes get attached to a member of the family and might want more affection and attention from that person.

They are also very playful cats, and very good with children. The Shirazi cat isn’t usually demanding although sometimes it might want to sit on your lap for a while as it rests or sleeps.

One thing about the Shirazi is that they need to be petted all the time, to know that their owner loves them and cares about them. The Shirazi love to be around humans and, unlike other breeds, do not request going to the streets to meet other cats.

They prefer staying in a secure area where it’s safe and warm, and this is why the Shirazi is considered a house cat.

All types of the Shirazi cats do not like to be left alone for a long period of time, and therefore need company throughout the whole day.

The Shirazi also like to stay clean, as they can’t stand having their coats dirty they get into bad moods and continue complaining (meowing) until they are fully clean again.

Most common Shirazi cat diseases

The Shirazi cat is known to suffer from a very common disease: the PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease)
The PKD is a very deadly kidney disease.

Usually old cats suffer from this disease rather than young ones, some of the signs that a Shirazi cat has the Polycystic Kidney disease is extreme thirst followed by extreme urination, depression, larger than usual kidneys, and weight loss.

However, if the Shirazi cat is born with the disease, the disease’s signs will not show up until the cat is between (4-11) years old. This is why Shirazi cats need checkups continuously. Sometimes the PKD does not only affect the kidneys but also affects some other organs in the cat’s body, but this rarely happens.

This disease causes the kidney to puff up reducing it’s capability to work properly which naturally leads to kidney failure.

With the late development of the PKD there is a bigger possibility that the Shiraz cat may die before the kidney failure, the average age of cats in general is about 11-15 years (60-76 cat years) so they usually don’t live that long compared to human beings.

Fortunately, PKD is not a contagious disease but there is no specific cure for it, the best thing to do when a Shirazi cat has the PKD is to have it desexed.

How to keep your Shirazi cat healthy

The most important way to keep a Shirazi healthy is its food system, cats’ intestines are very different from humans, and the Shirazi in particular need extra care when it comes to feed them.

Have a well organized healthy food schedule for you Shiraz. Another very important point to keep a Shirazi healthy is good exercise, make sure your cat moves around and gets enough fresh air each day.

You also have to have your Shirazi clean check ups and vaccinations continuously, you never know when you cat may have caught a disease.

Also make sure you change your cat’s litter after every mess, you don’t want your cat to get sick from its own litter. Last but not least you have to know your Shirazi, as it’s owner you should be familiar with its signs of happiness or depression, every cat is different with its ways of showing if it’s feelings, if it’s happy or hungry or sad….etc. so if your Shirazi catches anything you will instantly notice if something is wrong or not.

Top things you must know to own a Shirazi cat

When you first bring your Shirazi cat to your home, the first thing it’ll want to do is explore its new home, so give it some space to do what it wants until it adapts a little more.

Do not be alarmed if your cat does not eat anything during its first day, it’ll take time for it to get used to its surroundings and its new owner,

but as a Shirazi it will quickly and easily adapt to you as it’s new owner. You should have a specific spot for its litter and food, and at the beginning you may have to train it to go to its decided corner where it will eventually learn to go to by it’s self all in a matter of time.

Another important notice is grooming, Shirazi cats have long silky hair, and prefer staying clean. You have to also make sure that there are available play items for your cat such as a soft ball or some string as the Shirazi is a very playful breed.

Your cat will also need a place to take naps, have a cozy corner for it to go to. In the end, give your cat lots of love and attention.

Follow these steps and you will have a healthy and happy Shirazi cat.

How do Shirazi cats play?

Shirazi cats love to have fun, especially when they’re around humans. There are many games you can play with are shirazi cat, for instance,

you can throw a ball and watch your cat run after it and wait for you to throw it again,

However, unlike a dog a shirazi cat will not bring the ball back to you, but instead run up to the ball and toy with it until you throw it again.

Another game you can play with your cat is catch the string, just prepare a string ball and if you want to see how high your Shirazi can

jump hold it up high (make sure there is string hanging down from it) and watch your cat jump up and down trying to catch the string.

Another game both Shirazi cats and humans love to play is hide and seek, just make sure your cat knows you want to run from it by

peeking at it from behind the door for instance and once you’ve got your cats attention make a run for it, it will follow you running to your hiding spot, and when it does it’s your turn to run after your cat.

All these ways of playing with you Shirazi cat trains it to professionalize all their playing games.

Maybe at the beginning your cat might be a bit slow and hard to understand, but watch it get better and better at every game until it actually beats you.

Casper and Midnight, my beautiful Shirazi cats

I was once an owner of two most beautiful Shirazi cats in the world. Casper and Midnight, their names tell a lot about their personalities and characteristics.

Casper was as white as a ghost with big blue round eyes, and loved to eat and sleep a lot, unlike his brother, Midnight who was as black as the dead of night with brilliant golden eyes was very active and purred a lot more than Casper did.

He also demanded more attention than Casper, and didn’t eat and sleep as much. Midnight was definitely the cleaner one;

he only had to be groomed about once a week as he was continuously cleaning himself, unlike Casper who loved dirtying up and making messes had to be groomed almost every day.

Casper also had longer hair than Midnight so after every meal he’d have food all over his face and had to be wiped instantly.

The two Shirazi cat brothers loved playing with each other, they both loved running around all over the apartment and finding trouble wherever they went.

They had clean checkups every month and continuously got vaccinated. They were two very happy and healthy Shirazi cats.

How much sleep do Shirazi cats need?

Well, considering that a Shirazi cat is a house pet, it’s only natural that they spend more time sleeping than cats normally do.

But all cats in general sleep more than humans.

Shirazi cats in particular sleep almost two thirds their entire life, which comes to approximately 14-16 hrs per day. Shirazi cats, like human beings, also dream in their sleep,

judging by the twitching of their whiskers and moving of their eye lids, this was also proved by scientific brain wave tests to cats which is almost the same as human beings during sleep.

And just like human beings Shirazi cats have different types of sleeping: light sleeping, and heavy deep sleeping.

Shirazi kittens naturally need more sleep than older cats; this is due to the fact that sleep helps them grow.

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